Soba are thin brown noodles made from a mixture of sobako (buckwheat flour) and wheat flour udon, which are made from wheat flour only, and are similar color to spaghetti but wider and softer.
Some soba dishes, such as seiro-soba, are traditionally served cold, with a side dish of soy based broth into which the soba is dipped before being eaten. Other soba dishes and most udon dishes consist of a bowl of noodles in hot broth together with various ingredients such as green onions, shiitake mushrooms, fried tofu, egg and chicken. The broth is made from soy sauce, mirin (sweet sake) , specially selected seaweed, dried Dry fish flakes and sugar.


Since 1465, Owariya noodle restaurant, originally a confectionary shop, has been loved by the people of Kyoto. Besides serving Kyoto restaurants throughout history, Owariya has also been patronized by the emperor's family and monks from Kyoto's historic temples. In the Edo period we served our noodles in the imperial palace, and even today, the royal family visits us when they come to Kyoto. We have been keeping our traditional tastes and serving from our hearts for over 530 years. We hope that you, too, will enjoy this tradition.




板わさ Itawasa
Fish cake with "wasabi" with soy sauce.
540 yen
焼海苔 Yakinori
Baked seaweed with soy sauce.
540 yen
蕎麦がき Sobagaki
Kneaded buckwheat flour cakes served with soy sauce and wasabi
864 yen
天婦羅ちらし Tempura chirashi
Deep fried shrimp and vegetables
1,080 yen
京風味利休麩 Rikyu-Fu
Fried Fu (pure gluten) with tart sauce.
648 yen


せいろ Seiro Regular
Plain buckwheat noodles (soba) served with wasabi and dipping sauce on the side.
864 yen
せいろ大盛 Seiro Large 1,080 yen
天せいろ Ten Seiro Regular
Seiro with deep fried shrimp (tempura)
天せいろ大盛 Ten Seiro Large 1,836 yen
浅漬けせいろ assorted Seasonal
Seiro with Seasonal Vegetables (only from April to September)
1,080 yen
野菜天せいろ yasai ten seiro
Seiro with deep fried Seasonal vegetables.
1,620 yen
おろしごま和え Oroshigomaae
Plain buckwheat noodles topped with grated white radish(daikon), chopped green onions and sesame.
1,080 yen
なめこおろし Nameko-oroshi
Plain buckwheat noodles topped with grated white radish (daikon) and "nameko" mushrooms.
1,080 yen
とろろせいろ Tororoseiro
Seiro with grated yam.
1,188 yen


かけそば Kake soba
Plain buckwheat noodles (soba) original "Owariya" soup.
756 yen
あんかけ An kake
Plain buckwheat noodles (soba) in a thick soup with ginger.
810 yen
きつね Kitsune
Kake Soba, topped with deepfried tofu and long onions.
810 yen
玉子とじ Tamago toji
Kake Soba, topped with scrambled egg.
810 yen
月見 Tsukimi
Kake Soba, topped with a floating poached egg.
810 yen
たぬき Tanuki
Kitsune, in a thick soup with ginger.
864 yen
けいらん Keiran
Ankake, with scrambled egg with ginger.
864 yen
志っぽく Shippoku
Kake Soba with fish cake, "shiitake" mushroom, egg and green vegetables.
1,026 yen
のっぺい Noppei
Shippoku in a thick soup with ginger.
1,080 yen
かやく Kayaku
Shippoku, with added scramble egg.
1,080 yen
釜揚げうどん Kamaage udon
Wheat flour noodles (Udon) served with a dipping-sauce on the side sauce.
918 yen
天婦羅釜揚げうどん Tempura Kamaage udon
Kamaage Udon with deep-fried shrimps (tempura).
1,620 yen
芋かけそば Imokake Soba Hot or Cold
Kake Soba topped grated yam and raw egg.
1,188 yen
にしんそば Nishin soba
Kake Soba topped with boiled herring.
1,188 yen
天婦羅そば Tempura soba
Kake Soba topped with deep fried shrimps.
1,620 yen
野菜天麩羅そば yasai Tempura Soba
Kake Soba with deep fried Seasonal vegetables.
1,620 yen
なべ焼うどん Nabe yaki udon
Wheat flour noodles (Udon) served in a ceramic dish with a topping of deep-fried shrimp, mushroom, fishcake, chicken and egg.
All dishes (except Nabeyaki udon and Kamaage udon) can either be served with soba or udon.
1,620 yen

"Honke OWARIYA" Specialities

宝来そば Hourai soba
Original recipe of 8 toppings-mushroom, sliced egg, sesame horse-radish, seaweed,leek, deep-fried shrimps, grated white radish and grated red pepper.
2,160 yen
Hourai Soba with Kyoto style Hors d'oeuvre.
3,024 yen
そば寿し Sobazushi
Buckwheat Sushi (noodles,egg,"shiitake"mushrooms and green vegetables rolled and wrapped in seaweed) with dipping sauce.
1,080 yen


きつね丼 Kitsune donburi
Rice topped with fried tofu and green onions.
756 yen
衣笠丼 Kinugasa donburi
Rice topped with scrambled egg, deep fried tofu and green onions.
810 yen
木の葉丼 Konoha donnburi
Rice topped with scrambled egg, fishcake,mushrooms and green onions.
864 yen
親子丼 Oyako donburi
Rice topped with scrambled egg, chicken and green onions.
1,026 yen
天婦羅丼 Tempura donburi
Rice topped with deep fried shrimp and vegetables (tempura)
1,620 yen


そば菓子 Soba gashi
Sweets made from soba.
216 yen
蕎麦わらび Soba warabi
Sweet soba flour dumplings.
324 yen
ぜんざい Zenzai
Sweet Boiled Redbeans (Hot or Cold)
540 yen
抹茶アイスクリーム Green Tea Ice cream 432 yen
ところ天 Tokoro ten
Traditional Japanese jelly
(亀山) with red beans 540 yen
(黒蜜) with brown sugar syrop 432 yen
( 酢 ) with sweet vinegar 432 yen


お酒 Hot Sake (HAKUSHIKA) 180ml 648 yen
Cold Sake(Gekkeikan Nama Sake) 180ml 648 yen
(Momonosizuku) 300ml 1,080 yen
ビール Beer
(Kirin Lager, Suntory Malts, Asahi Super Dry, Sapporo Black Label)
648 yen
コカ・コーラ Coca Cola 270 yen
オレンジジュース Orange Juice 270 yen
ウ−ロン茶 oolong tea 270 yen
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